Before we jump into the benefits of taking an IELTS Indicator test, check with the educational institution you want to apply to before booking a test. Not all organisations accept IELTS Indicator.

It is also only available in the Academic test format is not accepted for immigration purposes.

Benefits of IELTS Indicator

For test takersFor universities and educational providers
IELTS Indicator test will give you an opportunity to measure your ability in Listening, Reading, Writing and SpeakingIt is a great way to gauge the English Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking levels of your prospective students
IELTS Indicator can be completed at home, online while IELTS testing has been suspended in some locationsThe IELTS Indicator test uses official IELTS test questions and is marked using IELTS test criteria by qualified IELTS examiners
Universities and educational institutions can use IELTS Indicator for application purposesIt is available in countries where IELTS testing has been suspended due to COVID-19
IELTS Indicator is an official IELTS product you can trust

What you need to take IELTS Indicator

Before booking your IELTS Indicator test, make sure you have the following equipment and set-up:

  • A quiet and comfortable space to take your test

  • A laptop or desktop computer (Mac or PC only, you cannot take IELTS Indicator on a mobile or tablet device)

  • Your computer meets the minimum and recommended system requirements

  • A stable internet connection

  • Speakers or headphones connected to your computer (for audio during your Listening and Speaking test)

  • A computer with microphone and camera for your Speaking test 

  • Your passport or I.D. document with you for your Speaking test

Software you need for IELTS Indicator

Your IELTS Indicator test uses a Secure Exam Browser (SEB), which can be installed and run on a Windows PC or MacOS. The following operating systems are compatible with the Secure Exam Browser:

Minimum system requirementsRecommended system requirements
64 bit Windows 764 bit Windows
MacOS 10.1210 MacOS latest

You will need to download and install:

  • A Secure Exam Browser (SEB) to conduct your Listening, Reading and Writing test

  • Zoom for your Speaking test.

You will be emailed intructionsl on how you can download and install these applications, before you sit your IELTS Indicator test. 

Make sure you have Administrator privileges on your computer to install the SEB. You cannot install it as standard user. Administrator privileges are also required to start, restart or close the SEB incase your service is interrupted. 

Hardware requirements for Indicator

The Secure Exam Browser (SEB) will take up a small amount of hard disk space on your PC or Mac. Please make sure you have enough free hard disk space to enable the installation to proceed.

  • Windows PC: 121 MB of free disk space required

  • Mac: 10.1 MB of free disk space required

You will need the following items to successfully complete your IELTS Indicator test: 

  • Speakers or headphones so you can hear the audio during your Listening test

  • Microphone so your examiner can hear you during your Speaking test

  • Camera so your examiner can see you during your Speaking test

Web browsers you can use

In certain circumstances, the IELTS Indicator test can also be used with a regular web browser. The two most recent versions of the following web browsers are supported in the IELTS Indicator test: 

  • Google Chrome

  • Apple Safari (for MacOS X)

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Microsoft Edge

We recommend that you install the latest versions of these browsers as they are released.

Note that this only defines the recommended browsers. Other browser versions and vendors that follow modern web standards can also be used.

Internet and network checklist

You will need a stable internet connection to download the Secure Exam Browser (SEB) and take the IELTS Indicator test successfully.

The minimum and recommended internet requirements are outlined below:

Minimum internet requirementsRecommended internet requirements
Download speed: 512 KbpsDownload speed that is faster than 2 Mbps
Upload speed: 512 KbpsUpload speed that is faster than 1 Mbps

Speaking test requirements

Your Speaking test will be completed over Zoom. You will need to download Zoom to successfully complete the Speaking test.

Check their website for more information please read Zoom’s system requirements and whether you can successfully support Zoom on your laptop or computer.

If you have ticked all the boxes for system and hardware requirements, you will be able to successfully complete your IELTS Indicator test.

To book, visit the IELTS Indicator website.