We have changed the way we live our daily lives, with most of us working from home, studying online, rather than in class and taking our social interactions online. This extra time has given us an opportunity to pick up the phone, reconnect with old friends and remember the importance and value of storytelling. We have also faced tough conversations around safety, our finances, our wellbeing, our families.  

If we accept that conversations are key to us staying connected and rebuilding as a community, in the same way we can understand and accept that command in a language is empowering. Having command over a language means you can effectively communicate your fears, needs and goals to help us map a path forward.   

To ensure you have the language skills you need to succeed in your job, school or community, you need to measure yourself against a test you can trust. As the world faced a shake up, many of us understandably looked for quick fixes to help us progress our goals.  

Unfortunately, in terms of language testing, many of those quick fixes don’t measure things like your ability to have a conversation with colleagues or teachers. They measure language based on algorithms. Academic studies have proven that this short-term fix leads to long term pain when students fall behind in the classroom or colleagues can’t keep up in the workplace and feel isolated. That is where IELTS comes in.  

Test takers and organisations who rely on our test needed something they could trust in a Covid-19 era, where social distancing closed face to face centres.  

IELTS Indicator was launched in April and is now helping test takers around the world understand what their true English language level is.  

The key point – it has a focus on conversation.  

Instead of making the assumption that you can write, therefore you can speak like other lower stakes tests do, IELTS Indicator connects test takers and examiners via video call. Just like we are all doing now.  

So consider what skills you are displaying when you are taking the test. Choose an option that tells the world you have the skills to communicate issues that matter.  

Be proud that you have the conversation skills to get where you need to go. Let’s speak up. Let’s speak together. 

A quick look at what an IELTS Indicator test looks like

Take a quick look at IELTS Indicator, our new product to help keep your study goals on track during COVID-19. Learn about how it's structured for you to complete from the comfort of your own home.