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Who takes IELTS and why

The IELTS test is taken by a variety of people around the world every year. Find out who needs to take the IELTS test and why.


How to increase your IELTS grammar score from band 4 to band 5

Learn tips about how you can increase your grammar band score in your IELTS Speaking and Writing tests from a band 4 to a band 5.


Faster results and new support tools

Find out how our recent improvements can help you get your IELTS results faster and prepare better for the test.


IELTS webinar series

Come along to our live webinar series and learn everything you need to know about IELTS. Hear tips from both IELTS Experts and test takers.


Build your IELTS Listening test vocabulary

Increase your vocabulary resource by learning the most commonly used words in the IELTS Listening test.


Speaking about COVID-19 in IELTS

Find out more about the language we use when we communicate about COVlD-19. Make sure you can use it correctly in the IELTS test.


Language to help you speak more fluently in the IELTS Speaking test

Find out which functional phrases you should learn to help improve your IELTS Speaking test performance.


Using discourse markers to communicate in IELTS Speaking

Using discourse markers can help you speak more fluently and coherently. Understand how they can enhance your speaking skills.


How to manage your time in the IELTS Reading test

Manage your time more effectively in the IELTS Reading test by learning skills to help you process information faster and more accurately.


How to use mind maps to build your vocabulary resource for IELTS

Learn how to use mind maps to build your vocabulary resource so you can improve your IELTS performance on test day.